Frequently asked questions

Why is that landlord’s think they can simply take advantage of people at every turn?

Great question and that is exactly the reason we built this site to let tenants alert other tenants in advance of where not to rent!

My landlord refuses to fix anything and all he cares about is taking in the rent ,what can I do?

You can publicly embarrass him here on this website for the whole world to see what has transpired.embarrassing hidden in the middle of text.

I called inspectional services and they didn’t really seem to care about my living conditions?

This is a shock to you? They are government employees and why would they care? I would refer back to the answer to question #2.

My landlord is Anwar Faisal from Alpha Management and he not only kept our security deposit but also we had him on video doing damage to our unit to justify keeping our security.

Anwar is a special breed of dirt bag as he was featured on 60 minutes for being the most hated landlord in Boston. He simply doesn’t care and steals from every tenant equally. Simply better to not deal with him, you will lose your security no matter what. You would do better to jab a sharp stick in your eye it would be less painful.

Is there a way for my listing of my bad landlord to be possibly copied and sent to my landlord so he can see what I wrote about him?​

Now your asking the right questions!! When you finish your listing you will get a self-publishing kit emailed to you. After you click to publish it then you will get a 2nd email sent to you asking if you would like us to notify your bad landlord and let him know that not only did you list him but we will also send him a copy of what you wrote!!

Can my landlord sue me for slander or defamation for what I wrote about him?

Not if what you wrote is the true. But I am guessing you ill get your security deposit back forthwith after you list him or her.